what does terror mean to you?

RATFest pushes the boundaries of this question by featuring a diverse offering of exciting works showing the many versions of terror that exist in our world.

freak show cabaret

Volume I

April 2020

#SafeSpace, Rat and Mouse, Something Special, Le Puppet, The Beginning, Reefer Madness!, Uncle Fun: You're the One, Freak Show Cabaret, Night of the Living Dead (Drunk), Question, Contact, Skype Sex, Magnolia is Big and Strong, I'll Cry If I Want To, Apocolypse Trump, February, Hairdresser Huey, Greetings from the Moon, Love at First Like

Volume II

october 2020

Wanna Be Friends?, Out of Time, Maere, Elise's Nightmare, The Door, Fire Lies, Camp Out,

Annabel Lee, The Conquerer Worm, Beetle's BatHouse, Senseless, The Umbrella Man,

Winter's Blood, Monsters Anonymous, Doors, Freak Show Halloween,

Scary Stories: Dark Web


filmmaker Luigi Scarpa

special guest Tony Todd
featured artist Maria Dizzia

Volume III

april 2022

Ghostwritten, An Eye For an Eye, ansia, Bento Banana, Branching Out with the Invisible Man, Buttonwillow McKittrick, Cardio, Conspiracy Cases: The Wasp Woman, Consumer, Corporeal Ecdysis, Day of the Dead, Echo's Voice Box, Fake Plastic Blood, Fascinator Box, Girl Talk!, Glovebox, Home for X-Mas, It Got Bloody, Ivi Elv, Izai, Kiss of Death, Lucinda, Maniacs, Mind Leech, Mountains Mountains Mountains, Mr. Poe, Memory and Nightmares, My First Horror Film, Perfection, Predation, Quartzo, Rearview, Ruined Date, Script, Serial Killer, Strange Excursion, Stranger in the Woods, TAP, The Black Sphere, The Dinner, The Mission, The Monster Under the Bed, The Newcomer, The Old Hag and the Crow, The Soul of the Lake, The Subscriber, Zmiena


filmmaker Antonio Rotunno

denver -AUGUST 2023

Cart Return, Gummies, Katie - Roadside Tale, Lov666rboi: A Folk Horror Tale, Match, Melopomene, Resurrection Under the Ocean,  Spectral Wind, Volatility

Volume IV

chicago - october 2023

*666, The 13th Hour, Amy & I, Born Again Reject, Cottonmouth, Deserted, The Discarded, Eyes of Beauty, Exercised, Featherfoot, Forever, Glamping, Goodnight, Haunted, On-Air, Orpheus, Homecoming, Incubus, Mister Creep, Paranormal Drunktivity, Signal, Snaggletooth, Something in the Water, Storage, Twilight Time, Volatility, Wake Up